Organic Based Lawn Care


When you have a beautiful home or a well-maintained commercial establishment, you also want to ensure that the outdoor spaces on your property look beautiful and well-maintained at all times. This means the landscaping has to be planned with care and attention to detail. When you hire the expert services of TimberRock Landscaping, you know that you are hiring professionals with over 15 years of experience. In this time, we have served commercial and residential customers across Easton, Effort, Allentown, Washington, Clinton, Old Wick, PA with high-grade and customized Landscaping services. We also service Washington, Clinton, Old Wick, Califon, High Bridge, Hampton, Asbury, Stewartsville, and Tewksbury in NJ.

Landscaping- The Custom Concept

When you call us with your requirement, our expert landscapers will come out to your location, understand the kind of Landscaping design you require and then create customized solutions. When it comes to landscape design, the sky is the limit. Based on your styling needs, the space available, the architectural elements in your home or commercial establishment, and your budget, we will provide perfect solutions. When we take all these factors into account, you are also assured of very unique-looking and attractively designed outdoor spaces.

Impactful Outdoor Spaces

Today, Landscaping is a very important aspect even for commercial spaces. When visitors, clients and customers or even employees, come to your office or commercial establishment, they definitely notice the way the landscape is designed. As a matter of fact, this is one of the first things they will notice and the overall aesthetic impact is what matters. When we are designing the landscape for you, another aspect we keep in view is that of maintenance. Since landscape maintenance is an ongoing cost, we like to make sure that all the elements and features that we have designed for you, are low maintenance.

Landscaping Aspects

It means, just as you get high value from us while we are handling your Landscaping project, the entire installation becomes cost-effective in the long run too, which is a distinct benefit. There are a number of factors that go into the creation of landscapes including:

  • Softscaping & Hardscaping
  • Grading work
  • Trees, shrubs & flower bed planting
  • Lawn installation
  • Irrigation & Drainage
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Landscape lighting
  • Paving
  • Other outdoor features

Design Concepts

Landscape design is a lot more than planting a few trees and paving a few walkways or installing lawns. It’s a lot about using different outdoor features and plants to create spaces that are functional & attractive. It’s this approach & the fact that we are highly-obsessive about maintaining the highest quality in all our work, that has made us the preferred Landscaping company in the region.

If you have some design ideas you want us to work on, we will keep those in view, and give them form. Alternatively, if you need us to provide some creative inputs, we can do that too. For high-grade Landscaping call TimberRock Landscaping on 484-764-7175. You can also use this online form to contact us.

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